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Internet Marketing & it's Importance

Internet Marketing is the process of improving a website's search engine ranking and directory positions by making the website more visible to the search engines while bots/surfing is done. The importance of Internet Marketing is tremendous and of increased scope, as search engines and directories will deliver the most cost-efficient leads for the business when compared to that of which are advertised with higher investment. Internet Marketing provides good rankings through increased traffic for any website with more number of visitors worldwide. If there in more number of visitors to the website then there would be more number of potential customers.

 Five Steps of Internet Marketing:

  • Identify Prospect/Market to Target Market/Customers

  • Build Goodwill & Trust - (Create awareness of the product/Service)

  • Follow the sales process in a way that the customer wants to buy

  • Present the Product/Service in a way that it meets the need of the customers

  • Make the sale easy & sucessful!

Promote your site & achieve the sales

How to attaining high rankings in the Search Engines?

With the help of internet marketing your site could attain high rankings based on the website development and the web development company. The primary role in Internet Marketing is determine exactly “what you do, For whom you do it and From where you do it.These three aspects will converge into a single "key" phrase, which is known as the Keyword.The keyword posted should be descriptive to the business and also should be concise and objective. There should be more care taken to analyse the keyword as there may be more competition for the product you deal with. This could be done with some knowledge in initial Search Engine Optimization discussion.

When would be the results be viewed?

Basically in Internet marketing/SEO it takes times to get the approval from the Search Engines. For this approval there should be a keyword analysis made before and after submission of the website to the search engines. Once the website is posted it the keywords should be analysed of what type of keywords are mostly used, and should make chages to the keywords sould be made to view the results better. So the work is still not finsished after submission also a track of the listings should be maintained to retain the position or betterer. So lot of patience is required to view the results.


Brand Building
 - Creating Brand Identity
 - Creating Online Brand awareness via Press Releases, Articles and Email Campaigns

Online Advertising
 - PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaign
 - Banner Ad campaign
 - Text based Advertising
 - Newsletter, E-zine and email based promotion

Optimization (Generate High Traffic, Brand Building & Increase Reputation)

 - Reciprocal Link Building
       Link-Back sites

 -Non-Reciprocal Link Building
       Directory Submissions
       Article Submissions
       Software Submissions
       Press Releases
       Paid Text Links

Try Internet Marketing yourself?

Once you have gone through the literature fully just register to the some free domains and have a practise maintaining your own website, as of now what I do. This would more certainly add value to effective internet marketing in future by giving you more ideas of what you did. The tips would help you attaining your results.Just practise doing this hence a famous quotes say “Practise Makes a Man Perfect”. Now the process of  Internet Marketing in Chennai has begun to move forward.



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