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Hi! I am Yuvaraj, I felt this is a great place to give some details about me, as the Webmaster of this site. I am proud to share my experiences in the marketing area in my first website. Before that let me introduce myself , I am born and brought up in chennai, India. I live with my Dad and Mum,and with a elder brother and sister, offcourse I am the younger one. I am working as e-marketing executive and also a student doing my Master's in Foreign Trade through distance education.  My interest lies in the area of sports, especially athletics and badminton. My hobby is surfing (having owned a blog about internet security http://yuvi-internetsecurity.blogspot.com/ ) and outdoors with my friends roaming all weekends.

The History or Story Behind My Site

Welcome to the History of Information on Marketing website. This site provides a gateway to the students who are willing to opt a career in marketing. When one gets a idea of what is marketing, they will surely take up that path.You may ask me a question "Why do you want to tell about marketing?" The answer is very simple, When I first choose my career in web research (Business Development & Marketing Team), When given a task I am just sitting blank in front of the computer, without knowing how to generate leads and identify the prospects, which made me to waste my precious hours and days not even knowing the basics.But here I need to thank my superiors as well as guruji's - Mrs. Judy Shapiro, Mr. Paul Whitehead, Mr.Koreth Mathew ,Mr. N.Balaji  and my collegues who guided me by giving suggestions and training of what to do and what information to look for in the web to identify the prospects and showed me a path to set my career.

Well! This website has been chosen because it may help and motivate the youngsters in such a way with the existing ideas in my website as well as you can also generate some new ideas which would help the business grow. Not only to give information but also to share our ideas and learn something new always. Hence "Learning new things follows till our death. There is no full stop for learning"  This offcourse will encourage some.

To know more about the process involved in marketing, visit the Internet Marketing link which gives some basic ideas of Internet Marketing in Chennai , which I have followed, and also eager to know about the process involved in search engine optimization (SEO) log on to my home page to find the link. To know what is the basic in market research have a glance at the "Market Research Analysis" link which explains what are the things to be determined in Market research and the various analysis involved in Market Research. Before beginning with the marketing, learn the basics of marketing by asking yourself the questions given in link.

From my recent readings “ A very rough report on Marketing, SEO and Online Marketing

Here I have a great passion & pleasure in sharing the opinions and concepts of marketing in from my recent reading online.

When you want to know about online marketing you would be using keywords like Corporate Internet branding India, Online marketing India, Internet marketing India, Chennai to learn them online. This itself is a base for online marketing. There are firms which offers online and offline marketing services for web sites, plus search engine optimization (SEO)which includes services, tips, client list and more.

There are also  leading online marketing firm specializing in search engine marketing, web development, contextual marketing and email marketing who also give tips about Internet marketing, email, brand and interactive marketing. Also nowadays India is becoming the home of Campaign and Marketing online. So there is a necessity to learn marketing online to sustain in this competive world to promote sales. The magazine on marketing and ecommerce strategists, covering online marketing news, research and analysis, internet marketing and e-marketing news for media buyers would be more useful in know more about the marketing. By understanding the core and importance there are firms which has brought and developed  Email Marketing Solutions and  Direct Email Marketing Solution which boosts lead generation, increases conversion rates, and increase online sales cycle.

As emarketing is florishing the eMarketing Association (eMA) has been providing education, certifications, seminars, research and relevant resources to the worldwide eMarketing community. They also maintain a database of eMarketing questions and answers, plus free web site promotion tools. This is because the business people now understood that e-mail marketing is one of the most effective ways to keep in touch with customers. It is generally cost-effective, and if done properly. So they go for firms who offer eMarketing, Internet Marketing, Online Advertising, Branding, Web Site Content, and Marketing services. These firms creates web-based applications and communication tools that achieve fast ROI by building customer relationships, promoting products. Also firms have been establised to make Business Market Research Reports and Industry Analysis available from Market Research Online, Market intelligence, management, analysis and research to boost up in the world market. The market research is used vastly in almost all the area. Ther is Automobile industry analysis and automotive market research. Which includes research and analysis of markets for trucks. This Marketing Research is done to know about the recent Marketing Trends via Analysis. This analysis is based on the Vital Stats: Marketing Surveys, Research, Trends and Analysis of Interest to Marketers and Research and analysis is made on information technology companies,their  products, and services, and of many specific industries. The Inbound marketing includes researching (with market research methods) to find out the extensive information about market planning and analysis.

Now it is of ease to learn about marketing careers, the stages of developing a marketing plan, how to begin marketing research, create a marketing strategy, and how to market products online and more. The internet is considered to be the best  library containing information, resources, and reference for professionals, academics and students in traditional and internet marketing . Guerrilla Marketing Online is an online magazine for small business, entrepreneurs, sales people and marketers of all kinds.Starting a new online business or looking for ways to make your existing web business more profitable etc can be known via these magazines.

Again keywords in the search engine plays a vital role. There also Keyword services for professional search engine optimization,FREE Keywords for Google AdWords, Yahoo!/Overture, MSN Keywords ,Netscape's Internet Keywords! Etc which are Tapping the Power of Keywords to Enhance Your website,Keyword research service for search engine placement, These service help gain better search engine placement by finding the right keywords. WordTracker Keywords· Overture Keywords · Thesaurus  Lateralus · Keyword Analysis, Offers search engine optimization and directory submission services whicn inturn offer higher ranking for your websites.Search Engine Optimization Tips,Search Engine Optimization Search engines are a very important source of traffic.Learning  how search engine optimization can improve your ranking is most essential.

SEMPO is a non-profit professional association working worldwide to increase awareness and promote the value of Search Engine Marketing worldwide. This is because  business via internet has become more and more essential in this technological world.  There are Award winning content-rich Internet Marketing Site offering Search Engine Optimization, Ranking, Placement, Submission, and Analytics tutorials to acquire good scores in business. Search engine marketing services of search engine optimization , pay per click and paid inclusions in various search engines etc are playing a role in the comprehensive directory of products, services, and relative information for the telemarketing and call center professional to make the business a sucessful one.

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