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What is the difference between marketing and Sales?
Most of them think that marketing and sales are same, but they aren't. In simple words Marketing is the activity carried on to support sales efforts which includes the promotion of products or services, Whereas sales is the activity of the entire marketing process, till the product or services reach the end-user.

  What is the importance of marketing? Well! this is a very competetive world, there are many ups and downs businessmen face in the market. So inorder to survive in the competetive market, there is a need to promote the products and make available their products. For example, there are some 100 people, who want to buy a computer, Here some 15 people know which brand to buy, where to buy and how to buy, but the 85 people may not be aware of this, but anyway they need to buy a computer. Here the importance of marketing arises. It the responsibility of the computer manufacturer to make aware of his product giving specifications, information on how to buy and where to buy etc. Which inturn brings his mind to advertise his products, to make his product stand-still in the mind of consumers.


  What should I do to market my products online? Now the technology had improved a lot, so marketing the products online would save time as well as reach all the people from consumers to corporates. There so many free online resources who are ready to post your product in their website and promote your products, so a good research on search engine will help. Also nowadays marketing online is considered to be the best and cheapest way of marketing the products.

Should I

  What should I do to make a sale? Sale isn't an easy task until you create an awareness to people obout your company. So here you need to identify the prospects. "Prospects means a person who is in need for your product and service". So when a prospect is identified, a sales pitch should be made, giving him an idea to what are the benefits he derives when he take up his product or service, and how good is their product etc. And when there is a regular follow-up made, surely that would end up in sales.

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