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Analysis - A Brief

Analysis is viewing and product and market in close. Before proceeding  to the sales activity, a complete study must be made inorder to compete the competitors.Given below are some activities which need to be carried on. After an analysis is made you can proceed further. So it is important to have a profile of the market and the prevailing conditions, which would help you in making a proper sales pitch. Here given below are some activities which is considered to be important for framing a marketing plan.

Know about the situation

Having knowledge about the marketing environment would help you to identify and reach the prospect faster.

  Situational Analysis
  • Characteristics of Market
  • Factors of success
  • Competitors Analysis 
  • Legal and Social Factors 
  • Oppurtunities & Possible Problems

Steps To Follow

  • Product Profile
  • Target Market
  • Sales objectives

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  • Product Strategies 
  • Price Strategies 
  • Promotion Strategies 
  • Distribution Straegies

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knowledge of Product

Before making a sale, have good knowledge about the domain/product you are to market and ensure that you are targeting the right industry.


Lookout for the options to promote your product and mainly adopt the proper channel of  distribution.


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